Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The choice to blog

I created my blog last year during the Encompass Summer Institute in June 2013.    I have not posted since then:(  This past year I have experience a lot of changes...moving with a family of 4...ugh!, leaving my position at one building as a coach to work for my school district as an instructional coach and servicing a variety of teachers, working on different projects, creating and implementing professional development and completing other tasks.  With all this change I feel the need to capture it and use it as a reflection tool.  I have learned and come to appreciate reflection, both personally and professionally   This week I am again attending Encompass's Summer Institute and have made a decision....I will start blogging on a regular basis!!  I feel a sense of relief...after talking to many Encompass fellows about their experiences and their own personal choice to blog,  I'm not scared to write about my thoughts.  I am choosing to blog for myself and use it as a reflection tool.  I want to better myself personally and professionally and I know that I will make mistakes along the way...I just hate to make mistakes a second time.  So I am hoping that by blogging and capturing my thoughts and experiences that I learn and grow.


  1. I'm glad to see you that you are choosing to blog. I'll be curious to see what you choose to blog about over the course of the year.

  2. I'm delighted to find this! I can't wait to read your thoughts!

  3. I am a middle school teacher with an administrative degree, and would love to become a math coach. Any suggestions as to how I could get started? You're an inspiration! Thanks for the posts!